Intensive Yoga Camp

24-30 July | Shambhanya

Kiril Yordanov

SYC Mysore Authorized Level 1


Ashtanga Yoga prescribes very clear rules for reaching the ultimate goal: mastery of the mind, abiding in stillness.

The path of yoga leads us through an integral system of strengthening the physical form, awakening and synchronizing the inner energy and concentration of the mind.

Following the ancient texts, we indulge in sincere Sadhana, a personal practice that harmonizes us and cultivates peace in the heart. We abide in love and become aware of ourselves as part of the whole.

The intention of our yoga practice is for deep experience and sincere inner observation.

We will greet the sunrise with the recitation of Upanishads and Vedic mantras. In the morning we will begin with a short meditation to establish intention, followed by an intensive Mysore Ashtanga Yoga, an individual Asana practice.

We will learn and chant Shanti mantras of well-being.

In the evening we will practice Pranayama, which will transition into a meditation to integrate the experiences of the day’s practices and actualize intention.

We will have an evening of Mantra Japa, a meditation on a specific mantra, and on Saturday evening we will do a fireside chanting of the Mahamritunjaya Mantra.

The evenings will be filled with various activities – Kirtan Mantra Meditations, Ecstatic Dances and Cacao Ceremonies.


Alexander Petlichkov will also conduct a therapeutic session on the Family Constellations method during the retreat, where participants will be able to connect deeply with the power of their ancestors and see more clearly their own path and the obstacles along it.

Sample daily program :

7:00 Welcoming the sunrise and reciting Vedic mantras

7:30 Morning meditation and setting intentions

8:00 Ashtanga Yoga Practice – Guided or Mysore style (individual asana practice), Pranayama and relaxation.

10:30 Brunch

11:30 Free time / beach time

16:00 Chanting of mantras for well-being on the beach / Discussions on topics related to the Philosophy of Yoga, theory and practice of Asana

17:30 Evening Pranayama practice (possibly on the beach to enjoy Prana close to the sea)

18:00 Meditation to integrate the day’s experience (extended session)

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Evening activities (Kirtan mantra meditations, ecstatic dances or Cacao ceremonies)

22:00 Rest and time for sleep


The *Constellation session as well as some of the other special activities will be further fixed during the retreat.


 Until 15.06: 550 EURO

 After 15.06: 650 EURO


The price includes two vegetarian meals per day:

Brunch and dinner, tea, all practices + sacred cacao ceremony.

The price does not include transportation, but anyone who wishes will be included in our group for shared transportation arrangements!


Arch. Alexander Petlichkov


Kiril Yordanov

* Sharath Yoga Center, Mysore India

Authorized Level 1 *


In 2017, Kiril became the first Bulgarian authorized by Sharath Jois in Mysore to teach and impart his knowledge of the Ashtanga Yoga method. He received his initiation into Ashtanga Yoga in Crete in 2014, completing his first 120 hours of training with Christina Karitinu.

He then attended the KPJAYI Institute in Mysore, India for 5 consecutive years and received the blessing of Paramaguru Sharat Jois to teach the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method in 2017 (KPJAYI Mysore Authorized Level 1).

For three consecutive seasons (2017-19), Cyril had the distinct honor of assisting Guruji Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI Shala Institute, now known as the Sharath Yoga Center in Mysore, India. This experience naturally led to a deep understanding of the method and its transmission.

Parallel to the annual visits and practice in Mysore, India, Cyril also underwent 200 hours of intensive training with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in Boulder, USA. He also traveled 5 times for a month to Tokyo, Japan where he practiced and studied Asana assisting with CRANTI (Renato Libonati).

Cyril is a true enthusiast about the Vedic culture and philosophy called Sanatana Dharma – the eternal path or moral duty. In India, he studies Mantra, Sanskrit and Vedic philosophy of the Upanishads with Brahmins and Sanskrit scholars whenever he gets a chance. When in the country or traveling , Cyril tries to maintain these practices that complement and amplify the transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga.

Between 2016 and 2020, Kirill has taught Mysore style classes and led Ashtanga Yoga workshops in China, Japan, Bolivia, Ecuador, USA and Germany.


Kiril is pleased to lead his traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga program at Santosha Lozenets, Sofia. Morning Mysore style and evening guided practices.


Arch. Alexander Petlichkov (Aditya Pranav)

* RYT 200HR Certified *


An architect and photographer, Alexander is a RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher, conducting various music and guided meditations.

He completed his yoga training in India with Dr. (Hc)Balasundara Srinatha, B.N.S Iyengar (Pranayama) and Yogi Anand (Kundalini Kriya Yoga), before visiting various countries in Asia where he drew inspiration from local spiritual traditions.

In addition to yoga practices, he leads Kirtan mantra meditations, ecstatic dances and cacao ceremonies. He has been diligently exploring the method of family constellations and has been training as a facilitator for the past year.

Alex has a background in healthy eating and preparing a variety of raw foods. You can learn more about Alexander and his work on his personal website: