The ancient eastern philosophers taught that there is Heaven above and the Earth below and the Man is the link between. Yoga teaches us the path to join the individual Self Atman back to the Universal Self Brahman. It is a long way of returning to our original state of peace and unwavering tranquility. Cultivating our thoughts through moral and ethical codes of Yama and Niyama, purifying the body during the rigorous practice of Asana and breath control Pranayama we learn to steady the mind and slowly we start to withdraw our senses inside. Being totally present into the moment, with relentless one-pointed concentration we immerse ourselves into communion with the Higher Self. Totally absorbed in love in compassion we become elucidated and finally return to our true nature. The path of self realization requires determination, discipline, dedication and devotion. Once we have set our mind clear on following that goal the life starts naturally to unfold guiding us in the right direction. The Guru shows the way and gives the method so that the individual can cultivate and elevate to the higher state of oneness with the Universal Self. Om Namah Shivaya.



Authorized Level 1

Kiril believes in the ancient principle of Guru-Shishya Paramparā – the transmission of spiritual knowledge from teacher to student. His immediate interest in the science of Yoga has emerged after accidentally reading the BHAGAVAD GITA in 2012. Fascinated by the thorough parallels between the Daoist principles of following the natural way (Dao) with equanimity of Lao Tzu in Dao De Jing and the ideas of Abhyasa (practice without expectations) and Vairagya (detachment) in the Gita led to him embarking on his Yoga Journey.

He is deeply honored to study with the current lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga tradition. Since 2015 he made 5 consecutive trips of 2 to 3 months each to the source of the Tradition – the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India.

In 2017 Kiril received the blessings from ParamaGuru Sharath Jois (Authorized Level 1) to teach the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method. In the last 3 seasons (2017, ’18, ‘19) Kiril has been truly grateful for the opportunity to assist Guru Sharath in the KPJAYI Shala. This has been unimaginable learning and humbling experience, facilitating silently the practice of amazing people from all over the world and receiving with deep appreciation the direct instructions from the Guru.

Kiril has been initiated in the Ashtanga Yoga practice by Kristina Karitinou - Ireland on the island of Crete in 2014 (120-hour TTC). To him this experience felt like coming home. Immediately following that in 2015 he went directly to Mysore and started his study with ParamaGuru Sharath Jois.

In 2017 Kiril received Guru Sharath’s blessings to teach the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method (KPJAYI Mysore Authorized Level 1) and that led to a definitive life changing events establishing a devoted following the Yogic path.

After his first pilgrimage to the holy city of Lord Shiva – KASHI (Varanasi) in 2016, Kiril became increasingly interested in the Sanatana Dharma (eternal truth) and adopted Vedic philosophy and chanting as an integral part of his Yoga path. That naturally led to initiation of an ongoing study with Brahmins and Vedic scholars of Sanskrit, Yoga Sutra and Vedanta philosophy. By auspicious chance Kiril had the opportunity to start learning Vedic hymns & Mantra chanting and has been instructed to practice Dhyan (meditation) on the meaning expounded in the Shastra (sacred scriptures).

In July 2018 Kiril completed the 200-hour Teachers Intensive Study with Richard Freeman Mary Taylor in Boulder, Colorado.

In the 2016 – 2018 period he also travelled 5 times to Tokyo, Japan and spent a total of 5 months of study and practice with KRANTI – Renato Libonati (KPJAYI Certified).

His spiritual path started with Taekwondo training in 1998 with Grand Master Kim Ung Chol IX dan. Between 2004 and 2013 Kiril travelled numerous times for extended periods of time to learn and practice traditional Chinese internal arts like QIGONG and GONGFU with Grand Master Chen Yu, 19th generation Chen Style Taijiquan in Beijing and Taoist Meditation, Wudang Taijiquan & Baguazhan with Master Yuan Xiu Gang in Mount Wudang, Hubei, China.


Always a Student

Brief timeline of Kiril’s continuing study and dedicated practice with KPJAYI Mysore Authorised and Certified teachers around the world:

2014 September - Crete, Greece Kristina Karitinou-Ireland - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course (120 h)

2014 October - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina David Robson - Learn to Float & Backbending workshop

2014 November - Belgrade, Serbia David Swenson workshop - Handstanding, Bandha, Pranayama, Guided Intermediate series

2014 November - Thessaloniki, Greece Kristina Karitinou workshop - Led Primare, Mysore and Introduction to Intermediate series

2015 February - Mysore, India R. Sharath Jois, KPJAYI Mysore - First month of practice and study at the Main Shala Full Primary series, Sanskrit Level 1, Chanting, Yoga Sutra & Hatha Yoga Pradipika classes

2015 June - Zagreb, Croatia Sirilak Khotmanee - Elevate your Soul with Elle Sirilak workshop - Led Primary, Mysore, Arm Balancing, Backbending and Introduction to Intermediate series

2015 June - Belgrade, Serbia Laruga Glaser workshop - Led Primary, Mysore, Vinyasa/Dynamic Transitions & Backbending

2015 October - Osaka, Japan Sirilak Khotmanee Mysore program - Self Practice and assisting the Teacher

2016 March - Mysore, India R. Sharath Jois, KPJAYI Mysore - One month of practice and study at the Main Shala Started Intermediate series up to Ustrasana, Sanskrit Level 2, Chanting and Vedic Philosophy

2016 May - Tokyo, Japan Kranti Nofear (Renato Libonati) - Mysore practice and advanced classes

2016 October - Tokyo, Japan Kranti Nofear (Renato Libonati) - Mysore practice and advanced classes Under The Light Yoga School (Kranti - Renato Libonati) - Adjustment Technique Intensive Course 1